Sunday, August 16, 2009

If anyone who looks at my blog can tell me how to keep my first entry at the top of the page I would appreciate it.

pics of the klan!
Welcome all to the Kramer Klan blog page. So much to say so little time but in a nut shell the story begins;

There once was a girl and there once was a boy. A while later they married and a while after that with a wiggle and a jiggle and a achew kerplunk they had a baby then came another. So then there were four. With a move here and a move there oh a move everywhere they ended up at ma and pa's in Colorado (yeah)jk. So all summed up kids are still growing and the girl and the boy are a tiny bit older not to say wiser but maybe getting a little clue. There is not yet and end and hopefully it is far from it but the story does continue on. lots of laughs and xo's and blah's mixed in with the good and the bad and the in between.